Our Vision

We are committed to excellence, and through our design-led approach we seek to create high quality places. Because no regeneration project is ever the same, we work with local people and involve them in master planning their communities, taking into account the unique characteristics and heritage of each site in which we are involved. We aim to deliver visually exciting and creative schemes which provide community facilities and places where people wish to live.

We believe that as a private company we are able to take a long term view to place making and value enhancement on larger regeneration schemes.

Project Selection

We are very discerning about the projects we take on as we find that by keeping a smaller, very highly skilled team we can produce a bespoke solution for each site, which enhances the quality of delivery and in turn generates superior returns on our investments.

Most of our schemes offer mixed-use opportunities helping to stimulate local economic growth and we get enjoyment from delivering exciting places to live, work and play in a sustainable way, thereby improving the quality of life for both incumbent and surrounding residents of our schemes.

We currently invest in:

  • Regeneration projects where value can be created through improved asset management, planning, and redevelopment
  • Projects in sustainable locations across the UK and within Central Europe where development density suits geographic demography
  • Projects with a heritage element where the final product can be enhanced providing a more attractive commercial or residential location
  • Projects where returns are correctly risk weighted